Echoes of Deco

Upon attending university to get an art degree, there was no mention of any sort of Indigenous art history, save for the Lascaux paintings. We are (un-shockingly) omitted from every art movement or mentioned throughout history for our vibrant and rich art and design. The 1920’s marked a period of assimilation, kidnapping and genocide for Indigenous across the Americas. It was a time where we were silenced. What would our art and design look like at the time if it had been influenced or included in this incredible art movement?

Echoes of Deco is about getting our voices back. Inserting our beautiful culture, art and design into an art movement that compliments our inter-tribal styles coast to coast. Using elements of our Indigenous culture to take back a time when we were silenced is what Echoes of Deco is all about (plus it’s REALLY pretty).

Hiy Hiy - Victoria